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Globus - Epicon Songbook

Globus - Epicon Songbook

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A collection of 12 songs from Globus' "Epicon" album. Presented in sheet music form for piano, vocal and guitar tablature. Printed on high quality paper, the beautiful glossy cover book also contains photos, table of contents, numbered measures and lyrics for all choir parts. Delve into the mind of Globus' composers and dissect these epic compostions, or just merely play and sing along! Limited one-time press run - order now!


Crusaders of the Light / Diem Ex Dei / Europa

Illumination / La Coronacion / Madre Terra

Mighty Rivers Run / Orchard of Mines / Preliator

Prelude / Sarabande Suite / Take Me Away

Total 92 pages. Available exclusively from Imperativa Records